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UX Design Process for
The New Lou & Choo's Lounge


A website upgrade for a locally owned, small business

My Role

All UX documentation to include user research, personas, wireframes, and the new website.

Tools Used

Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe XD CC, Adobe Photoshop

Previous Site:

The original site for The New Lou & Choo's Lounge was a 2 page flat website that was easy to maintain, but lacked interaction and real content. It was designed to give their patrons a “Weekly Line Up” of the specials and events hosted at the bar & lounge. The few links available simply reproduced information that is already available on the site, which felt repetitive & unnecessary.


As the administrative manager at The New Lou & Choo’s Lounge, I was able to communicate with, and assist a large number of our vendors and patrons, and learned more about their needs and wants in terms of alcoholic recreation. I drew from my own experiences, along with select experiences to produce three types of customers who frequent The New Lou & Choo’s Lounge: The Millennial, The Generation X-er , and The Baby Boomer. These three different generations have different preferences in terms of technology use, and purchasing decisions.


I created 3 pages to focus on the business information, the menu, and a photo gallery. Lou & Choo’s Lounge is a people-first establishment, so the gallery is important to highlight the guests, the staff, and the multitude of events hosted there.

Click here to view the Wireframe used to create this site

Finished Site:

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